Online marketing in all its shapes and forms need to have one thing (well maybe a few more than one, but the main deliverable) ... ROI – return on investment. What have I spent and how did it improve the “bottom line”? We constantly see people compare SEO to PPC. Both have their distinct advantages, but as with many other digital tactics, these two strategies compliment one another. Used in unison, your brand has the best possible chance to yield a better return (read ROI).

SEO is more cost-effective, the traffic it generates is often sound and of the returning kind. SEO however it is really time consuming. PPC gets results quicker, but it often comes at “at a price” and it’s not only the cost-per-click we are talking about... Your traffic through PPC can “hide” the quality of your website’s content or the level of optimization thereof.

SEO is all about planting a seed and waiting for the fruit to grow. You have to nurture and tend to it constantly, and it takes a while. PPC on the other hand, is instant (think buying planting a tree, as opposed to a seed). It requires a much more substantial investment upfront.

1Media starts from the objective of inquiring from our clients what service or product they offer, what the company itself believes the public understands about their business and who their main competitors are. We look at their website’s written content, the imagery, the backlinks, the loading speeds, the mobile rendering and many more telling aspects. BEFORE we attempt to do ANY paid marketing, we make 100% sure the website is optimized to its full potential. Then only, after careful competitor analysis, do we strategize with our clients, the best possible blueprint to dovetail their SEO and PPC campaigns.

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