Is a social media presence a “nice-to-have” or does your socials improve how you are found, viewed and engaged with, online? While other agencies might focus on the metrics of LIKES, REACH & ENGAGEMENT of their social media accounts, 1Media opts to look at how that presence effects and/or enhances how you or your brand is discovered online.

Active social channels with fresh, relevant and inviting content make the experience of getting to know your brand online more fun, engaging and personal. We assist brands to broaden their understanding of search and SEO to consider the multitude of avenues along which people find content on the web. We take our lead from digital marketing guru, Neil Patel and advocate the productive effects increased traffic from social potentially has on search rankings. Social media and a brand’s presence on first-page search results are therefore inextricably linked.

Ultimately, the web is inherently social. SEO best practices would struggle for conviction if they were to refute this fact. Moreover, the policies directing SEO are ultimately meant to make the web a more enjoyable and useful place.

Allow 1Media to help you strategize in terms of the best possible content for your business.

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